Personal Training

"With fitness and nutritional advice, I lost kilos, lowered my cholesterol, added muscle and balance, and improved my outlook on life; I don't complain about having to buy smaller-sized clothes!" ~ K Beatty

Personal Training

Personal training offers a direct route to a healthier you.  Meet with one of our certified, experienced trainers and we will get you there with inspired program designs tailored to your body, goals and lifestyle. Wherever you are in the wellness spectrum, we will guide and support you to the next level.

Personal Training Rates
One hour Program Design and Assessment$84
3, one hour session package$214.20
5, 45 minute session package$283.50
5, one hour session package$330.75
10, one hour session package$619.50
Express PT, 10 half hour sessions$378
Partner Training – 5 one hour session package$262.50/person
Partner Training – 10 one hour session package$420.00/person

All prices include GST.


Online: Personal Training Registration (new clients only)
Before you meet with one of our trainers, please fill out the Personal Training Registration form and the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire.
Personal Training Registration

Online: Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (current clients)
Please fill out the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire so we can design your training program in the safest, most effective way.
Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

GetFit Exercise and Activity Goals Worksheet
Planning is the first step in reaching your goals. Take a few moments to commit your goals to paper, and remember to make them realistic. Download the GetFit Goals Worksheet set obtainable goals.

Portion Size Chart & Food Diary

Mary, one the reasons I'm so keen on your establishment is because you and your Personal Training crew are so caring of your clients.

Nicolette Mc

I've been a client since 2003, and Mary and her crew are true to their name Positively Fit. Every aspect of the meaning...can't imagine working out with anyone else!

Ruth O