In Honour of Father’s Day

There is something wonderful when the simple act of getting exercise evolves into so much more, the kind of more that lasts a lifetime and spins into healthy benefits beyond the physical.  When I see this happening in my business it makes me stop in my tracks, take notice and admire what’s unfolding.  David Koeplin’s boxing class sports this kind of wonderful with two father/daughter duos.  We didn’t advertise to attract this, it wasn’t planned.  It just happened.  Along with the rest of the boxers, Mike Hartwick and daughter Teagan and Phillip Evans and daughter Gabbi are regular boxers in the Monday night class.  Sweating, jabbing, deaking, jumping, dancing like butterflies, stinging like bees, the focused workout squashes the stress of the day and builds a whole lot of strength and endurance.  Accomplishing all this on your own regularly is superb.  Do all this with a family member and a father/daughter team to boot?  Brilliant.

It’s hard enough to find time for an amazing workout, but how about adding meaningful time together? Family research reveals that strong father/daughter relationships tend build a girl’s self-confidence, improve academic performance, improve relations with men generally and nurture assertiveness without aggression.  I could have used all of these tools as a blossoming young woman and as I think back to my own father/daughter relationship, although I loved him deeply, Dad and I rarely trotted out to activities together.  Especially not exercise.   In fact I don’t remember many school mates hanging out with their fathers when I grew up in the 1960’s and 70’s.  It appears things have changed in this regard and for that I am grateful.  I am doubly grateful to see it unfolding at Positively Fit.  Happy Father’s Day gentlemen. You are a marvelous example of everything good about this day!


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