After joining Mary’s gym, I discovered she also taught yoga and with some trepidation, given my lack of fitness, I started going to her class. To my surprise (and with Mary’s constant encouragement) I found that I could do it. I got stronger and more flexible. Most importantly, in the breathing and reflection that she emphasizes, I found the cure for my mental restlessness – a way of dealing with intrusive and circular thoughts. The kind that interfere with concentration and focus and wake one up in the night. For this I am deeply grateful.

Yoga Class Schedule
Vinyasa Flow Level I & IIScheduleThursday's 6:15 pm - 7:15 pmMary Letson$15 drop in or pay for full session for a discounted rate! See schedule for session rates

Yoga is a brilliant antidote to our busy, sedentary lifestyles.  A regular yoga practice strengthens the body, lengthens muscles, improves posture and relaxes the mind.  We promise you will leave each personalized class with a renewed sense of  well being!

Yoga Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow Level I: A gentle class matching breath with a asanas (postures),  a  perfect balance between encouraging strong muscles, flexible joints and a calm mind.

Vinyasa Flow Level II: A more challenging class incorporating balance, core strengthening and flexibility – all the right ingredients for a youthful, vibrant body and mind!